Obama’s visit

My love and admiration for Japanese culture, art and fashion inspired me to start this blog. After Shojo Beat magazine folded earlier this year, I realized the limited venues for Americans to get linked in with Japan, its culture and rising influence.

My goals are to track significant happenings in the culture, news and review products, clothes and anime/manga.

Japan’s Obama town ecstatic over presidential mention (from the American Free Press)

TOKYO — US President Barack Obama charmed his Tokyo audience on Saturday with references to green tea ice cream, Japanese traditional hospitality and, of course, the small town that bears his name

Obamania was alive and well among the audience — where many hailed his personal charm and wide knowledge about the region.

“His voice was good. He spoke naturally. He has something that attracts people,” said Yasuko Maki, a 60-year-old housewife.

Her husband, Akihiro, 66, agreed: “He covered every subject and explained how America will handle it. He intends to work as our partner. He is different from former US presidents.”

Obama does it again–this time capturing hearts internationally in Japan and China. Although his now infamous bow to Emperor Akihito is causing a stir back home, his attempt (however inappropriate) at respecting the culture at least deserves a half-smile.