A-Kon mania

A lot of craziness has prevented me from blogging in a while, but I thought I should sit down and write about the amazing time I had at A-Kon on Sunday. A-Kon is the longest running anime convention in the country–founded way back in 1990 in Dallas. I’ve been fortunate enough to go consistently since 2006, and it seems to get better and better every year.

I chose to go on Sunday for a number of reasons–well, mainly price. It was only $25 versus the whooping $40 for Friday or Saturday, and I only really wanted to check out the dealer’s room and cosplayers.

My friend Spencer (right) and I managed to find another Bleach fan to take a picture with.

There are so many characters I wanted to cosplay as, namely Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop or Sango from Inuyasha, but costume prices, lack of time and fitness prevented me from going to the next step. I ended up recycling two pieces of old costume for my cosplay: my homemade Bleach Soi Fon captain’s outfit and NANA black wig. Both came together nicely–I think my costume looks just as good as my friend Spencer’s, who bought his on Ebay.

Either way, it came together in the end, and I had plenty of people ask to take my picture, which is always a nice compliment to your labor.

I have also taken up a new job as a columnist/reviewer for MangaLife.com, and I was on assignment to take video and pictures at the con, which is always exciting. I interviewed a few artists, craftsmen and cosplayers on video and wrote my review on the convention. I’m so excited to see it posted sometime tomorrow!

My new job might make me slower to update this blog since I will be busy writing posts for them, but I hope to continue with my musing about Japanese culture and of course, manga. Check out my A-Kon video, it’s a little shaky (I wasn’t about to be any nerdier and bring a tripod), but it was exciting to work on something I’m passionate about.

A-Kon 21 in Dallas – MangaLife.com from Liz Reed on Vimeo.