Yakitori, Asakusa, Cat Cafe, Tokyo Skytree

To say we were exhausted yesterday is an understatement. Walking 12 hours a day hit us hard in the evening, so we ended up calling it a day around 7. Even still, we made it to some fascinating places…

This was from our dinner and night out in Ginza that I didn’t get to post:

Dinner at Bird Land, which was right next to Sukiyabashi Jiro, the famous sushi spot featured in a documentary


Yakitori is chicken on a stick–gizzard, liver, breast, etc.



so delicious


we definitely lucked out getting into Bar High Five–we did not realize you needed a reservation


he made the prettiest, tastiest drinks


Ginza was our latest night out–we didn’t make it back to the loft until midnight.

Friday was our Asakusa area day…



shops on the way to the shrine


Senso-ji temple









 Then we headed to a Cat Cafe! There wasn’t actually any drinks at this place. I guess most cat cafes in the area are just a place you can play with kitties since many people in Tokyo can’t own pets due to apartment restrictions.




this one sat on my lap ^.^


Next on the list was Tokyo Skytree. It was too windy to go to the top so we ate some lunch and explored the stores inside.






some sort of banana chocolate dessert… looked like a Twinkie


bento for lunch




 We went back to Harajuku hoping to find some fashionable people hanging out on the bridge, but it seems it was too windy for them. We hung out in a taproom near Takeshita Dori and then headed back for a long sleep.

Today we are heading to Kyoto–more on that later!


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