Imperial Palace, Gion “geisha district”

Happy Easter from Japan. It rained all day and after many miles, my boots started falling apart. Even still, we made the most of our last day in Kyoto.

We are staying in a traditional Japanese inn and hot springs. It’s a little intimidating at first because of all the rules. Certain shoes can only be worn inside, in the bathrooms, and walking out to the onsen. The onsen is separated by gender. You must strip down and shower around everyone else before getting into the hot springs to soak.

Luckily, there were some friendly people who make small talk to make the experience a little less awkward! And the hot pools feel amazing after a long day of walking in the cold rain.

yukata provided for lounging after a bath


The inn keeper said it was fine to wear the yukata around the ryokan, but we were the only dorks wearing ours to breakfast… That guy in the background is definitely judging us.

Brian was thrilled to use my girly umbrella… either that or leopard print


imperial palace






Then, on to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. They were really strict about where pictures could be taken, so I only have a few. It was a fascinating place with manga dating back from the 40s. It also serves as a library with hundreds of volumes of manga and cozy places to sit and read.



We trenched on to Gion, home of the geisha, or geiko to be more precise. So many people were wearing kimonos, but I was pretty sad when I found out they were mostly tourists!





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